What have we got to lose?

I may be completely off track here, but there seems to be a reticence toward openness and vulnerability across the dynamics of human relationships. The concerns for acceptance, safety and security appear to be at the root of this resistance. I’m sometimes the fly in the ointment because I raise questions.

I don’t think I’m alone in this regard as I’ve had many private discussions that support this observation. How do we move beyond the boundaries of self-inflicted separation when we profess to believe that a holistic perspective is imperative in the world today?

From corporate conundrums in workplace learning and performance to political postulates for serving the needs of society to religious rhetoric meant to free our souls’ purpose to manifest in our daily lives… its a full stop when simple and obvious questions arise. The truth seems to be always less than full disclosure. How do we first find and then share truth without spending decades or millennia arguing about it? Can we just acknowledge ‘what is’?

We, as a world, are faced with some very important choices as we seek to transform our past profit-driven and less than human friendly decisions into creating a world that makes sense. Life-friendly choices are muddled by cash flow projections, personal liabilities, professional limitations and excuses for not acting in accordance with what we profess to believe – our ability to act in love.

Too often that love is conditional, with expectations that are neither spoken of fulfilled because of our inability to articulate the wisdom we hold as spiritual beings in human form. There isn’t one religion that denies that we are indeed manifestations of some greater intelligence. So where is that intelligence showing up now?

Across the gamut of world government and resource management (human and material) we are experiencing a call for transformation toward something more harmonious, a movement toward telling the truth and working with ‘what is’ rather than hidden agendas and excuses for irresponsible actions.

What I find confusing is the apparent indignation of ‘authorities’ who we’ve looked to for leadership. Instead of revealing a reality that we can all agree is true, there are countless backroom meetings to figure out how to subvert the population into a manageable mass that remains uninformed and even unconscious to their own capability and potential as human beings. This behavior completely denies the human spirit and the possibility of acknowledging that we are spiritual beings at all.

So how do we transform our world even when our leadership is resistant to the changes that are obviously needed to guide our planetary civilization forward?

I don’t have all the answers. I may not have any of them. But, I suspect that many across the world are getting fed up with being diagnosed, labeled and accused of being unrealistic. I perceive that the multitudes of finger-pointers and whistle blowers are affecting the population, but not necessarily in the best way possible. Exposing the truth often causes a rise in anger and frustration that, unchecked, can lead to even more catastrophic behavior.

Do we look to the skies for help? Do we look deep within for help? Do we propose new possibilities for using our skill sets for the betterment of mankind? Are our [spiritual beings having human experiences] actions congruent with what are perceived to be mission-driven [harmony among people and planet] objectives? Can we pause in process to question and reflect on our personal and professional endeavors to see if they match up?

For some, and with growing numbers, all of the previous questions are being considered with greater tenacity. Apparently even the cosmological experts and researchers are chiming in with a recognition that it is part of the process humanity finds itself in currently. The questions still remain: Can we learn to be in the precious present without past constraints or future concerns eliminating possibilities in the present? Can we collaborative create life-friendly solutions that will span hunger, poverty and war? And lastly, How can we work together as one?

What have we got to lose?

One Response to “What have we got to lose?”

  1. Dr. Luccia Rogers Says:


    A wonderful collection of powerful insights. Thank you.

    I’ll address what you raise as you discuss the actions of ‘authorities’ who are working to keep “the masses,” malleable. This is the very nature of power in the worldview that has been dominant for about 10,000 years. Instead of living in harmony with the planet, the Earth is something to be used. Instead of embracing woman as an equal, suppression, oppression, and devaluing of everything ‘not-male’ is the norm. Instead of creating horizontal and circular systems of problem-solving and power-sharing, vertical, top-down and hierarchical systems of control and force are what passes for governance.

    You ask how we can work together. We are in the time when the old way of doing things clearly cannot address the realities of our world. The old world view, the old models of control and dominance are dying. Much of the anger, fear, and violence we are witnessing are the death throes of the old ways. We who make claims to desire a world full of love and spirit cannot use the old tools and methods to help birth the emerging world view of interdependence, mutual respect, shared power, and yes, love.

    We work together by working together. We go around the systems that don’t address our needs and the needs of the planet. Can the residents of a neighborhood plagued by drugs and drug dealers turn to the police who, in Arizona now, must become immigration agents first? No. But, they can begin to watch, to stand together, to call on one another, to turn the light on the activities that harm their neighborhoods.

    Can people who are not part of the massive, failing, insurance company-owned American healthcare system turn to hospitals and clinics they can’t afford because they don’t have insurance? No. Healthcare reform will allow many entry to the allopathic medical monolith, but is it truly the best and only way? For diagnosis, trauma treatment, and many conditions, the allopathic model is unsurpassed. But, what about the preventative model of healthcare? What if the wide range of alternative healthcare modalities were available to everyone at affordable rates? The well-to-do have long been consumers of non-allopathic medicine because they can afford it. I don’t begrudge any practitioner a good living. But, what if reiki, accupuncture, accupressure, auiculotherapy, reflexology, massage and the entire range of hands-on modalities, nutritional coach and/or guidance were available at rates the so-called “working poor” could afford?

    What if people claimed unused land and planted community gardens everywhere? When these community gardens exist, they help transform neighborhoods and support the growth of community because healthy food is something most people really appreciate; and healthy neighborhoods are something everyone appreciates (except the predators who thrive in the shadows).

    What if homeowners’ associations were actual governance bodies concerned with more than the colors of houses? What if policing, representation at city councils, and other such matters were handled at a truly local level?

    What if spiritual expression, support, and growth were not “mega-church,” “self-help-guru” growth industries, but fluid and interconnected groupings of people sharing their wisdom, their sacredness, their holiness as part of meeting the needs for healing in the world?

    We cannot use the existing tools and models to birth the new paradigm of human systems. But, we are seeing all around us the new tools and new models emerging as individuals begin to realize their individual and collective energies are exactly what can address the challenges we face.

    That is how we can work together. We are beginning to work together. The networks are growing as we all abundantly share what we have.

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